Offer of services from Sola Trafikkskole.


Our company has extensive experience and well qualified personnel. Our modern offices facilities are centrally located in Sola. We have the facilities to run classroom training for up to 20 people at a time. Our fleet of cars is modern and equipped with the newest safety technology, and we have cars with both manual and automatic gear.


Given the time of year and the winter conditions soon upon us, we would like to specially draw your attention towards the course Slippery Driving on Track. Another course that could be of interest for your employees is the Defensive Driving where the focus is on traffic safety and economic driving. More details in descriptions below.


Our offerings:

  • Slippery Driving on Track using your own car or one of our cars. Focus on driving, turning, breaking and accelerating under different driving conditions. In Nordic climate.
  • Exchanging foreign driving license into Norwegian driving license
  • Defensive Driving with focus on safety, traffic flow, overview and economic driving
  • Refresher training with focus on chosen theme like roundabouts, city driving and observation techniques.


  • Ordinary driver training:
    • Class B – Car
    • Class BE – Car with Trailer
    • Class B Code 96 –Car with smaller Trailer
    • Class A – Motorbike heavy
    • Class A1 – Motorbike light, from age 16
    • Class A2 – Motorbike medium, age 18 - 24
    • Class AM – Moped

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